Can I use Doorman for package returns?

Yes! You schedule it, we pick it up. Easy!

What are package returns?

Package returns are any packages that you need to ship out, including returns that you buy online but want returned back to the seller like Zappos or Rent The Runway. Just make sure all packages are ship ready, that means they are packed, sealed, and have a pre-paid shipping label attached. We will pick them up and drop them off for appropriate carriers. It’s that easy.

How do I schedule a return package?


Click the "Ship" tab on the homepage of your Doorman app.  Now click the "+" icon and select the size. You will need to complete this step for each package you need picked up. Schedule a visit for us to pick up or deliver your packages and you're done!  


Please email and we will setup a return package(s) in your app that you can schedule as normal. Please include your Doorman Customer Number as well as number of packages and their sizes in the email.

Please remember: All packages must be ship-ready: packed, sealed, and with a prepaid shipping label on them.


Doorman also offers Enterprise plans