Oversize Package Pricing

We're not a fan of fees, but they do help us deliver and pick up packages at the low rates you've come to expect with a 98% on-time rate. Whenever and wherever we have a surplus charge, we want you to be in the know. We don't like our customers to be surprised!

Heavy or large packages that require extra storage and take up more space in our drivers' vehicles fit into this category. We charge per oversize package delivery or pick up. Packages are measured by weight (lbs) and linear inches (sum of length + width + height). If they cross any threshold, there may be an additional fee. If your delivery requires a two person team or special vehicle, we will contact you to schedule your delivery (may require at least 24-hour notice and has a minimum charge of $50).

Below is a guide to Doorman’s oversize pricing. Some monthly subscription plans include certain oversize pricing tiers at no cost. Click here to see our monthly subscription plans.


Weight (lbs)


Linear Inches
(sum of w+h+l)


at no cost)

41 - 50


61 - 80


Pro & Premium

51 - 60


81 - 100









Doorman also offers Enterprise plans