What am I charged when I change plans?

When you sign up for a monthly subscription plan, services start immediately! Your monthly cycle for services and billing starts on the day you are charged (usually the day you sign up). For first time monthly plan subscribers, you will be charged the full plan price when you first sign up and on each subsequent monthly auto-renewal date aka your monthly plan-iversary date each month.

For example, if you sign up for the Plus plan ($29/month on December 11, you will be charged $29 each December 11. You can find this date at the bottom of the Subscription Plans page under Payment & Pricing in your app.

Upgrading Your Plan

If you upgrade your plan in the middle of the month, your services will start immediately; however you will not be charged until your next auto-renewal date. At that time, you will be charged a prorated amount for upgraded services we provided in addition to the next monthly charge.

For example, if you are on the Plus plan ($29/month), and upgrade in the middle of the month to the Pro plan ($49/month), at your next auto-renewal date you will be charged $49 plus the prorated amount of $10 for two weeks of Pro service in the previous month. Then you will be charged the normal $49/month starting from your next auto-renewal date.

Downgrading Your Plan

If you downgrade your plan, you will continue to enjoy your original services until the end of your monthly cycle. You can find your expiration date at the bottom of the Subscription Plans page under the Payment & Pricing section in your app. You will then simply start your new services at that time.

For any questions on billing, please feel free to email our customer service team at help@doorman.co.

Doorman also offers Enterprise plans